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Woody Allen

ISBN 9780500517987
Издатель Thames and Hudson
(сайт издательства)
Язык English
Формат Hardback
Страницы 288
Год издания 2015
Вес (грамм) 2030
Размер (мм) 290(д) х 247(ш) х 15(в)

Woody Allen is a uniquely innovative performer, writer and director with nearly fifty movies to his credit, from cult slapstick films and romantic comedies to introspective character studies and crime thrillers. Classics such as Annie Hall, Manhattan, Stardust Memories, Broadway Danny Rose and Hannah and Her Sisters still resonate, and more recently Midnight in Paris and Blue Jasmine have been notable successes. In this timely retrospective, Tom Shone reviews Woody Allens entire career. His informed commentaries are combined with many classic quotes from Allen that define the directors self-deprecating humour and acute thinking about his life and times. Superbly illustrated with more than 250 key images, this is a fitting tribute to one of the masters of modern cinema, published to mark Woody Allens eightieth birthday.
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