Journey An Illustrated History of the World's Greatest Travels

ISBN(EAN) 9780241363638
Издатель Dorling Kindersley
(сайт издательства)
Язык Английский
Формат Твердый переплет
Страницы 360
Год издания 2022
Вес (грамм) 1566
Размер (мм) 264(д) х 222(ш) х 30(в)

From the earliest migrations to the dawn of space tourism, experience the excitement of travel throughout the ages in this gloriously illustrated book!

The quest for adventure has defined human history since the beginning of time. Whether it be for food, pilgrimages, trade, or scientific curiosity, people have been compelled to set forth into the wild for centuries. Trace their incredible journeys in this beautifully illustrated book!

From the first trade networks in ancient Sumer, to the Crusades, the Grand Tour, and the Voyager missions in outer space. This enthralling visual history of travel includes maps, paintings, photographs, and journal entries to fascinate every armchair traveler.

Be transported through space and time with the only comprehensive and fully illustrated book on the history of travel. Inside it you'll find:

-Stories of great exploration, migration, and scientific discovery, accompanied by historic maps, paintings and photographs.
-Themed spreads and feature panels explaining developments in history, geography, religion, and science
-Catalog pages showcasing the evolution of transport networks across the globe
-A foreword written by adventurer and New York Times bestselling author, Simon Reeve
-An optional 80-page illustrated directory profiling great explorers and expeditions

Voyage with vikings, and pursue plundering pirates!

From the ancient travels of Odysseus, to Pizarro's conquest of Peru, follow the biographies of pioneering travellers, intrepid explorers, and cruel conquerors. Gripping eye-witness accounts transport you to former times, bringing pivotal moments of historical, scientific, and religious discovery to vivid life.

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be the first in flight? Or to be a part of The Great Northern Expedition? Learn all of the technological innovations in railways, ships, cars, and aviation that facilitated the greatest journeys of humankind.

This book is sure to take you far away from the confines of your living room. Prepare for the journey of a lifetime, perfect for anyone interested in history, migration, and human adventure!
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