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Guiding the American University

ISBN 9781138889279
Издатель Taylor & Francis Ltd
Язык English
Страницы 232
Год издания 2015
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American higher education is under unprecedented pressure, beginning with the public funding and student debt crises and extending to inadequate performance in student retention and growing global competition. Respected educator and scholar Peter N. Stearns breaks down the underlying problems, exploring the most contentious issues for university leaders and administrators today. Guiding the American University covers the major facets of university operation-administration, faculty, and students-and discusses what should be changed and what should be preserved. Covering major topics for debate and real problems facing American higher education today-including the tenure system, online learning, administrative bloat, and campus culture-this book is a critical resource for aspiring and current higher education administrators. Research-based and stemming from a range of case studies, this book's insightful and fresh recommendations serve as an important contribution to the conversation on the future of American higher education.
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