Cricket For Dummies

ISBN(EAN) 9781394164769
Издатель John Wiley and Sons
(сайт издательства)
Язык Английский
Серия For Dummies
Формат Мягкая обложка
Страницы 400
Год издания 2023
Вес (грамм) 544
Размер (мм) 233(д) х 185(ш) х 28(в)

Curious about the game of cricket? Start here!

Cricket For Dummies, Third Edition will help you understand the basics of cricket, the internationally popular sport that has leagues around the globe. With this guide, you can enjoy watching matches, and even set up a casual game with friends. The book includes clear explanations of the rules, step-by-step guides to strategy and tactics, and info on all the most popular tournaments around the globe. Learn about the cricket greats of today and yesterday, plus get updates on the latest developments, including Major League Cricket and the Cricket World Cup. This new edition of Cricket For Dummies is a fascinating and thorough introduction to the sport, in the classic, easy-to-understand Dummies style.

  • Learn the laws of cricket so you can watch games and follow league play
  • Set up a game of cricket and play with your friends
  • Get the latest updates in the cricket world, including upcoming must-watch tournaments
  • Figure out the strategies and techniques that make cricket so interesting

Cricket For Dummies, Third Editionis a valuable resource for new fans who want to understand the game of cricket.

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