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Arthur Sullivan

ISBN 9780367231910
Издатель Routledge
Автор Taylor Benedict
Язык English
Рекомендованный возраст 18+
Издание First Edition
Год издания 2019
Формат Paperback
Носитель Book
Страницы 244
Вес (грамм) 450
Страна происхождения Соединенное Королевство
3 234 руб / шт.
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Arthur Sullivan was Victorian Britain’s most celebrated composer, whose music still reaches a wider audience than that of any of his contemporaries. Yet the comic operas on which his reputation is chiefly based have been consistently belittled or ignored, while his serious works have until recently remained virtually unknown. This book offers a new appraisal of the music of this most notable 19th-century British composer. Focusing on pieces in all major genres in which he composed, it includes accounts of his most important serious works alongside examination of the celebrated operas created with W.S. Gilbert to present a balanced portrayal of Sullivan’s musical achievement
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