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The Sustainable Design Reader

ISBN 9780857850676
Издатель Bloomsbury
(сайт издательства)
Язык English
Год издания 2014

Sustainability has become a pressing and permanent issue for designers within the last three decades and its momentum and urgency as a key consideration for modern designers makes it one of the most important and critically discussed subfields within design. The Sustainable Design Reader responds to this, reflecting and furthering the debate. The Sustainable Design Reader provides a unique and much-needed overview and examination of the discipline, enabling readers to investigate, understand and critique the role of sustainable design and its importance within contemporary-design industry and culture. Essays range from examining ecological concerns such as recycling and need to developed product longevity, to critical investigations into the management and development of sustainable modern cities. From the historical background of sustainable design and how it came to be an essential design consideration, to how the practice of it will ultimately shape our future, this book provides an original and indispensable mapping-out of the discipline.
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