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The Handbook of Brand Management Scales

ISBN 9780415742955
Издатель Taylor & Francis Ltd
Язык English
Страницы 324
Год издания 2015
Вес (грамм) 1
10 890 руб / шт.
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The Handbook of Brand Management Scales is a concise, clear and easy-to-use collection of scales in brand management. Scales are a critical tool for researchers measuring consumer insights, emotions and responses. Existing handbooks of marketing scales do not include (or include very few) scales related to brand management constructs. This book is the first to meet this need. Sample scales include brand personality, brand authenticity, consumer-brand relationships, and brand equity. Each scale is included with a clear definition of the construct it's designed to benchmark, a description of the scale itself and how to use it and examples of possible applications in managerial and academic contexts. A much needed reference point, this is a unique, vital and convenient volume that should be within reach of every marketing scholar and professional researcher's desk.
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