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Predicting Market Success

ISBN 9780470040225
Издатель John Wiley & Sons
Язык English
Страницы 256
Год издания 2006
Вес (грамм) 440
1 979 руб / шт.
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Praise for Predicting Market Success "Predicting Market Success has come at the right time for major companies. The value of understanding the dimensions of your brand's unique appeal and strength of preference is indispensable for brand strategy today. This book is well worth your time." -Joseph T. Plummer, Chief Research OfficerThe Advertising Research Foundation "In the competitive world of branding, understanding what drives consumer loyalty is the cornerstone of a brand's continued success. Passikoff's market-driven insights on how to obtain, analyze, and utilize loyalty metrics will help you make strategic, brand-enhancing decisions." -Seth M. Siegel, Cochairman, The Beanstalk Group "Passikoff is the guy who can explain to me why people buy certain things from certain companies, even though other things by other companies seem just as good. With his great feel for pop culture and almost philosophical outlook, he understands what makes consumers tick-and stick." -Lenore Skenazy, syndicated columnist "Loyalty is a key component of the strength of a brand and brand equity, and Passikoff understands loyalty like few others. In this book, he captures the essence of loyalty and branding in a practical way-showing how loyalty drives profitability." -Erich Joachimsthaler, Chairman, Vivaldi Partners "If you want a business book that will make you feel justified, complimented, and comfortable, don't read this. If you want a book to challenge your beliefs about brand marketing right down to the core, you can't afford not to." -John Gaffney, Executive Editor, Peppers & Rogers Group
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