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Poetic Illumination

ISBN 9789042032071
Издатель Brill
(сайт издательства)
Язык English
Формат Paperback
Страницы 254
Год издания 2010
Вес (грамм) 378
Размер (мм) 235(д) х 155(ш) х 15(в)

In 1980 an exhibition of the Illuminated Manuscripts of Rene Char held in Paris took the artistic and literary worlds by surprise. It featured illustrations by twenty-eight artists of an array of Char's hand-written poems. Char's artistic associations, spanning seven decades, remain remarkable today. Not only was he amply illustrated by those he called his "substantial allies"; the dedicatory poems and prose pieces they inspired, written with revelatory flair, constitute a unique corpus in the history of art and poetic enterprise. This book brings together an exemplary number of the artists Char prized over time: Dali and Kandinsky in the early years; later, Picasso, Braque and Miro; yet later, Vieira da Silva, Nicolas de Stael and Alexandre Galperine. It also considers the poet's fascination with Corot, Courbet, La Tour, Van Gogh and the cave art of Lascaux.
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