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Passing Exams For Dummies

ISBN 9780730304425
Издатель John Wiley and Sons
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Язык English
Формат Paperback
Страницы 256
Год издания 2013
Вес (грамм) 294
Размер (мм) 216(д) х 142(ш) х 19(в)

Release your potential and get better exam results Do you panic at the thought of exams? Do you think you're just not the academic type? No matter how old you are, exams can be stressful?but they don't need to be. This essential guide provides expert tips on how to change your mindset, improve how you learn and revise, control your anxiety, and get good marks?whether you're studying at school, college, or university, or to advance your career.

In Passing Exams For Dummies, you'll get hands-on, expert help to find out what motivates you and how you learn best; make
your brain more receptive to incoming information and cope with exam pressure and anxiety; improve your reading style and condense
your notes using visual mapping techniques; learn association techniques using memory pegs; use visualization to mentally and
physically rehearse passing your exams; and more.

Fully updated to reflect new research in how the brain thinks, learns, and remembers Information on the key role that astrocytes play in learning and the five key principles for rapid learning (attention, sensory input, solid effort, emotion and time sequence) that get these
astrocytes engaged more quickly.

Reworking of terminology used in the model of the mind to bring the book fully up to date and simplify the content.

If you're preparing for a school, college, university, or career-related exam, Passing Exams For Dummies has you covered.
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