Paper Cup Design Now ! купить недорого в интернет-магазине - RELOD | ISBN 9789881545077

Paper Cup Design Now !

ISBN 9789881545077
Издатель DesignMedia Publishing
(сайт издательства)
Автор Ewelina Bocian
Язык English
Формат Paperback
Страницы 253
Год издания 2013
Вес (грамм) 820

In todays society the demand for convenience has lead to disposable paper cups becoming a part of everyday life. As paper cup technology has developed this has enabled them to move beyond being a purely functional product and more emphasis has been placed on the design, environmental issues and extra convenience features such as opaque lids, handles and sleeves as well as cardboard carriers. Over 100 full colour examples are shown of striking designs including different uses of patterns and logos as well as graphics illustration and words.
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