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Mongolia (Bradt Travel Guides)

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ISBN 9781841624167
Издатель Bradt Travel Guides
Автор Blunden Jane
Язык English
Год издания 2014
Формат Paperback
Страницы 464
Вес (грамм) 441
Страна происхождения Соединенное Королевство

The 'Land of Blue Sky' is one of the few places on earth where travellers can tread on undiscovered ground and explore with a true sense of adventure. Homeland of Genghis Khan, vast tracts can be discovered on horse or camel, or in the comfort of a four-wheel drive. This updated guide highlights Mongolia’s culture and customs including the deel, the colourful national dress, herding rules and customs, Mongolian throat singing and Naadam, the annual celebration of wrestling, archery and horse-riding. The guide offers tips on riding and biking tours, winter dog sledding and summer yoga camps and provides in-depth information on national parks and conservation as well as reviewing the many new hotels and restaurants.
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