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ISBN 9781444331028
Издатель John Wiley & Sons
Язык English
Страницы 736
Год издания 2011
Вес (грамм) 1264
2 771 руб / шт.
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Thoroughly updated, the second edition of this highly successfultextbook continues to represent the most comprehensive andauthoritative collection of canonical readings in metaphysics. Inaddition to updated material from the first edition, it presentsentirely new sections on ontology and the metaphysics of materialobjects. * One of the most comprehensive and authoritative metaphysicsanthologies available now updated and expanded * Offers the most important contemporary works on the centralissues of metaphysics * Includes new sections on ontology and the metaphysics ofmaterial objects, as well as readings on the topics offictionalism, fundamentality, tropes, vague identity, temporaryintrinsics, stage theory, and composition * Surpasses other anthologies in its combination of contributionsfrom leading metaphysicians and a younger generation of"rising-stars"
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