Library Analytics and Metrics : Using Data to Drive Decisions and Services купить недорого в интернет-магазине - RELOD | ISBN 9781856049658
Library Analytics and Metrics : Using Data to Drive Decisions and Services

Library Analytics and Metrics : Using Data to Drive Decisions and Services

ISBN 9781856049658
Издатель Facet Publishing
Язык English
Возраст 18+
Год издания 2015
Формат Paperback
Страницы 224
Вес (грамм) 145
Размер (мм) 234(д) х 154(ш) х 14(в)
Страна происхождения Соединенное Королевство
2 504 руб / шт.
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This book will inform and inspire librarians, archivists, curators and technologists to make better use of data to help inform decision-making, the development of new services and the improvement of the user experience. With the wealth of data available to library and cultural heritage institutions, analytics are the key to understanding their users and improving the systems and services they offer. Using case studies to provide real-life examples of current developments and services, and packed full of practical advice and guidance for libraries looking to realize the value of their data, this will be an essential guide for librarians and information professionals. Library Analytics and Metrics brings together a group of internationally recognized experts to explore some of the key issues in the exploitation of data analytics and metrics in the library and cultural heritage sectors, including: * The role of data in helping inform collections management and strategy * Approaches to collecting, analyzing and utilizing data * Using analytics to develop new services and improve the user experience * Using ethnographic methodologies to better understand user behaviours * The opportunities of library data as 'big data' * The role of 'small data' in delivering meaningful interventions for users * Practical advice on managing the risks and ethics of data analytics * How analytics can help uncover new types of impact and value for institutions and organizations. Readership: This book will be an invaluable resource for librarians and library directors interested in developing a data-driven approach to their service provision and decision making; students on library and information science courses; and managers and practitioners in other cultural heritage sectors such as museums, archives and galleries.
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