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Expedition into Empire

ISBN 9780367208837
Издатель Routledge
Автор Thomas Martin
Язык English
Рекомендованный возраст 18+
Издание First Edition
Год издания 2019
Формат Paperback
Носитель Book
Страницы 256
Вес (грамм) 470
Страна происхождения США
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Expeditions combined the traversing of space with the production of discourse. The "discoveries" of expeditions, disseminated in the form of maps and reports, books and pictures, would provide the stimulus for invasion, migration, investment and more. While there is an incalculably large literature dealing with exploration and its effects, the expedition itself, a culturally and historically specific way of organising, conducting and inscribing a journey, is surprisingly under-examined. This book proposes that the expedition is as much a cultural form, specific to its epoch, as the novel or the photograph.
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