Cambridge Dictionary of American English

ISBN(EAN) 9780521691970
Издатель Cambridge University Press
(сайт издательства)
Язык Американский
Издание Second Edition
Формат Мягкая обложка
Страницы 1122
Год издания 2007
Страна происхождения Соединенное Королевство
Вес (грамм) 1058
Размер (мм) 215(д) х 140(ш) х 43(в)

The best American English learner's dictionary is better than ever, with new words and new features. Based on the world's largest corpus of written and spoken American English, it includes up-to-date vocabulary ("blog," "podcast," "wiki"), usage notes that help learners avoid common mistakes, frequency information that identifies the words learners need to know, easy-to-understand definitions, and full-sentence examples that show how English is really used.
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