British Design: Tradition and Modernity after 1948 купить недорого в интернет-магазине - RELOD | ISBN 9781472505378
British Design: Tradition and Modernity after 1948

British Design: Tradition and Modernity after 1948

ISBN 9781472505378
Издатель Bloomsbury Academic
Автор Christopher Breward, Fiona Fisher, Ghislaine Wood
Язык English
Страницы 240
Год издания 2015

British Design brings together leading international scholars, designers and journalists to provide new perspectives on British design in the last sixty years, and how it at once looked back to the past with the continuation of traditions that spoke to Britain's design heritage, and looked forwards with the embrace of modernist and postmodernist style. The book responds to and develops new ways of understanding the recent history of design in Britain, with case studies on designed spaces and objects, including domestic interiors, retail spaces, schools and university buildings and transport. The contributors address significant moments and phenomena in the historical and social history of British design, from the rise and fall of the English Country House style and the Brutalist architectural boom of the 1960s to the modern shopping space, and consider the work of key contemporary designers ranging from Tommy Roberts to Thomas Heatherwick. British Design provides new criticism and analysis on how design, from the immediate post-war period to the present day, has developed and changed how we live and how we interact with the spaces in which we live. British Design is split into 13 chapters and is richly illustrated with 65 images, 16 of which are in full colour.
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