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Backstage Cirque du Soleil

ISBN 9781614282976
Издатель Assouline
(сайт издательства)
Язык English
Год издания 2014
Формат Hardback
Страницы 232
Вес (грамм) 2440
Страна происхождения США

As Cirque du Soleil celebrates its thirtieth anniversary, it opens the doors to aworld usually reserved for the initiated. Backstage Cirque du Soleil is the fruit of a collaboration between Cirque du Soleil and the photographer Veronique Vial, who through her unique lens has examined the world behind the curtains for more than twenty years. With touching humanity, Vial's photographs invite the reader into an intimate universe distilled to its most essential element: Behind each character there is an artist. This luxurious volume features a preface by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte. Preface by Guy Laliberte, photography by Veronique Vial. 
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