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Baby Touch: Noisy Day

ISBN 9780241215234
Издатель Ladybird
Язык English
Возраст 0+
Формат Board Book
Носитель Book
Страницы 12
Год издания 2016
Вес (грамм) 200
791 руб / шт.
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This bright, interactive touch-and-feel book is part of Ladybird's best-selling Baby Touch series. Have fun with your baby exploring the colourful, high-contrast touch-and-feel pages of Noisy Day and making different everyday noises: from beep beep!, ding-dong! and miaow! to saying hello! Learning to recognize and imitate the sounds around them is a way of beginning to understand language, and an important step towards a child's first words. Then lift the flaps on every page to discover more sounds before the mirror surprise on the final page. What sounds can YOU make, baby?
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