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A Beveridge Reader (Works of William H. Beveridge)

ISBN 9781138829992
Издатель Taylor & Francis Ltd
Язык English
Рекомендованный возраст 16+
Год издания 2014
Страницы 202
Вес (грамм) 340

The editors have chosen substantial extracts to illustrate the major themes and ideas in Beveridge's writing over a period of more than four decades, ranging from his book Unemployment, published in 1909, to the Beveridge Report of 1942 and beyond. Sections cover his social philosophy; the crucial role he attributed to social insurance as a technique of welfare; his relation to economics; and the stress he placed on voluntary action in a free society. Each theme is introduced by a full editorial commentary which explains its place in Beveridge's thought, as well as outlining his position and offering critical guidance to the reader. The return of mass unemployment and continuing debate on the role of the welfare state has revived interest in Beveridge's work and this reader brings his ideas.
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